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FP for CFO Magazine: The post-IPO checklist: 7 insights for CFOs

Topic: Thought Leadership IPO Communications
Apr 9, 2024 11:49:07 AM

Moira Conlon writes for CFO Magazine: "Going public starts a brand new phase for finance chiefs."


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Whenever the IPO market heats up, there is a lot of talk about the arduous process leading up to the big event — listing day. Anyone who has been along for the IPO ride would agree it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to watch your stock trade for the first time on a major exchange. What few people talk about is what happens next. After many months of hard work and an exhausting IPO roadshow, executives return to the office to find another mountain to climb —building aftermarket support for your stock. With thousands of publicly traded companies, competition for Wall Street support is fierce, and the more you know about what’s ahead, the better.


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About the author:

Moira Conlon is the Founder & CEO of Financial Profiles, where she is responsible for the firm's operations and growth.

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