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Every day our clients count on us to provide smart counsel and effective, results-oriented execution to achieve business objectives and solve complex problems in an ever-changing world. Our expertise across a broad array of strategic communications disciplines transcends industries and is ideal for clients seeking streamlined and  integrated communications to all target stakeholders – from Wall Street to Main Street. 


Investor Relations

Our investor relations practice helps clients address valuation gaps, reduce their cost of capital and build strong reputations that increase their access to growth capital. Whether we are an extension of your IR team or we ARE the team, we partner with you on every aspect of investor relations, from strategic counsel to tactical support.

Leveraging many years of experience helping companies effectively communicate with Wall Street, we are experts in helping both public and private companies with corporate positioning and messaging that resonate with the Wall Street audience and drives value. We support clients with research and competitive intelligence, as well as a broad set of investor communications including press releases, quarterly earnings communication, investor presentations, IR websites, videos, annual reports, and proxy and ESG communications. We also assist with Wall Street targeting and marketing programs, sell-side and shareholder engagement, perception studies and investor/analyst days. We are one of the few firms that offer truly integrated IR and PR programs.

Finally, we are a resource to boards and executives for IR policies and training on IR, Regulation FD and spokesperson training for Wall Street and financial press.


Public Relations

Our public relations practice is dedicated to helping our clients build their profiles and reputations in the media. We have well-established relationships with national business and trade media across print, broadcast, and digital. We understand what news is and what it takes to get a reporter’s attention. We also know how to foster trusted relationships between our clients and the reporters they need to know.

We provide media strategy and planning for important corporate announcements, transactions and ongoing visibility, and have also orchestrated many successful media events for our clients.

Engaging the media is not without risk, and we take a hands-on approach to preparing our clients to make the most of every interaction with the press. We conduct media training workshops and build upon that training through prep sessions ahead of each interview to review key messages and prepare for tough questions.


Corporate Sustainability Communications

There is a growing acknowledgment that sustainability and ESG (environmental, social and governance), when combined with an all-stakeholder approach to business management, create value and are a competitive advantage in attracting capital, talent, customers, acquisition partners and other stakeholders. This recognition is fueled by several factors like the massive shift to passive investing, the transfer of power, money and jobs from baby boomers to future generations, and the escalating regulatory requirements for sustainability reporting. Sustainability has propelled to the forefront of corporate agendas and is a crucial aspect of business strategy in today’s dynamic and interconnected global landscape. 

While sustainability and ESG are closely related, they are distinct concepts. Sustainability encompasses the broader objective of fostering long-term stakeholder value through the adoption of responsible and ethical environmental, social and corporate governance practices. ESG, on the other hand, assesses a company’s environmental, social and governance performance, serving as the metrics used to track and report its sustainability initiatives. 

Whether you are starting your corporate sustainability journey or looking for ways to evolve your programs and communications, we can help. We partner with clients to develop robust sustainability, corporate governance and ESG programs that build reputation and trust with all stakeholders. Our expert team provides strategic counsel, planning and execution on a full range of sustainability initiatives, including peer group audits and benchmarking; evaluating sustainability and corporate governance frameworks; developing sustainability strategies; crafting meaningful sustainability narratives, reports and other content; investor and ESG rating agency engagement; and communications plans to ensure your corporate sustainability initiatives don’t go unnoticed. 


IPO Communications

Pre-IPO communications set the tone for the long-term success of any company. Our seasoned team has helped hundreds of companies prepare for and successfully navigate the IPO process across changing market cycles. We help our pre-IPO clients prepare for public company life by establishing a robust IR foundation ahead of time and navigating challenges that occur during the IPO process. Then we ensure our clients maximize the impact of their IPO roadshow and listing day and return home ready to shine on their first quarterly earnings call. That begins the process of building strong after-market support for their stock.

Our clients benefit from our experience and expertise in handling every aspect of the IPO process


M&A Transaction Communications

Effective and well-planned M&A communications can make or break the success of a transaction. We provide communications planning, strategy, counsel and execution to both buyers and sellers in large and small transactions.

We have expertise in creating messaging that explains why the transaction makes sense for all stakeholders, crafting communications materials for those stakeholders, developing Wall Street and media outreach strategies, and planning and managing the process and announcement-day activities. We also craft detailed M&A plans for clients who want to have a playbook in place to optimize the outcome of an M&A transaction, whether it is offensive or defensive.


Corporate Communications

In a world where the only constant is change, we help our clients communicate important information accurately, credibly and persuasively to their employees and external stakeholders. Our work often begins with research, audits or other ways of understanding a company or a specific situation and how key stakeholders feel about it. Then we craft strategy, key messages with proof points, and corporate communications plans and programs. These can include employee engagement initiatives, all-stakeholder communications outreach, media relations programs, and corporate and executive visibility initiatives to raise awareness around key areas of expertise and thought leadership. To ensure effective communications, our work often includes executive presentation and media/spokesperson training to ensure executives are confident and on-message.


Crisis & Reputation Management

Every company is vulnerable to a crisis and, if handled poorly, it can impact your ability to do business and your reputation and destroy shareholder value. The best form of crisis management is the preparation you do before an issue arises. Financial Profiles helps companies develop crisis plans that anticipate and prepare for specific crisis scenarios, and conducts tabletop exercises on those scenarios. When a real crisis arises, we step in to help manage the situation, working hand-in-glove with the executive team as well as other external advisors. We are a turnkey resource for crisis support including strategy development and scenario planning, crafting communications for the media, employees and external stakeholders, and preparing management teams and boards to respond.


Brand Strategy

Whether you are a startup or an established company looking to reposition, we can help with your brand strategy. This includes helping you articulate your purpose, vision, mission, values, value proposition, marketplace positioning, brand identity, brand personality, brand voice, corporate narrative, and master messaging. All of a company’s corporate decision-making, human resources and culture initiatives, and stakeholder communications should emanate from your core brand strategy. It is a filter and guide for what you stand for, how you fulfill your mission, how you speak, how your brand shows up in every public-facing interface, and how you communicate what you do and why you do it better than your competition.


Content + Design + Digital

As a full-service agency, we support our clients from concept to execution. Our team of expert writers and designers can develop any type of content for any channel, including ESG reports, annual reports, investor or other presentations, media materials, website copy and design, short- and long-form videos, infographics, speeches, social media content and presence, employee engagement materials, event visuals, and so much more. We understand each piece of content we deliver or design is an extension of a client’s brand, so we are vigilant to adhere to brand guidelines, tonality and messaging.

We live in a digital world where content is key. Our digital resources can help with digital and social strategies, SEO/SEM, website development and refreshes, digital collateral, crisis dark sites, and more.