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FP for Forbes: Is your company ready for an activist attack?

Topic: Thought Leadership
Apr 21, 2023 1:11:17 PM

Moira Conlon writes for Forbes: "Activism has been around for so many years now that it continues to amaze me when companies are surprised and unprepared when an activist attack happens."

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Last year, there were 235 shareholder activist campaigns at companies with market caps over $500 million, a 36% increase from 2021 and the busiest time for activists in the past four years. Those numbers are expected to rise significantly in 2023 as companies face myriad challenges, including low valuations, fears of a recession, inflation, higher operating expenses, rapidly rising interest rates, continued market volatility and limited access to attractively priced debt and equity capital...



About the author:

Moira Conlon is the Founder & CEO of Financial Profiles, where she is responsible for the firm's operations and growth.

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