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FP for Forbes: Rules of the road for successful investor communications

Topic: Thought Leadership Investor Relations
Sep 26, 2022 12:00:00 PM

Moira writes for Forbes: "Many companies endure the arduous process of becoming public yet fail to optimize their access to capital, primarily due to ineffective engagement with Wall Street."


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Having advised CEOs and CFOs of many newly public companies, I have witnessed almost every investor relations mistake possible. The game of dodgeball is at the top of the list, with excuses like...

  • Our results for the quarter aren’t that great, so let’s not have a Q&A session on our earnings call.
  • The metrics we provided on our recent IPO roadshow are no longer the right ones, so we need to change them or stop providing some of them.
  • The timing isn’t right to meet with investors—our business isn’t doing that well, so we don’t have a great story to tell for now.

Reflecting on this arsenal of experience, I framed the following: Rules of the road for successful investor communications...


About the author:

Moira Conlon is the Founder & CEO of Financial Profiles, where she is responsible for the firm's operations and growth.

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