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ESG communication helps differentiate global credit investor

Topic: ESG / Sustainability
Mar 30, 2023 2:33:48 PM

ESG communication for a global credit investor

Engaged by an asset manager with a long history of investing with an ESG lens to formalize its ESG story and create an ESG brochure that could be used as an important differentiator to win business from large institutional investors.   

  • Collaborated with client to develop ESG narrative that was already part of its DNA as a result of its focus on evaluating long-term risks and opportunities as part of its approach to due diligence and portfolio management. 
  • Capitalized on the opportunity to reinforce the firm's corporate messaging and value proposition in the brochure, so it could be used to support overall sales and marketing efforts.    
  • Crafted a well-designed, on-brand brochure to tell client’s unique ESG story. 

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