Banks – Q3 2021 Earnings Season Themes

Loan demand: During the first half of the year, management teams spoke positively about loan demand increasing as the economy recovered from the effects of the pandemic. However, during the third quarter, we saw the resurgence of new COVID cases resulting from the Delta variant with certain areas of the country being hit harder than […]

CFO Magazine: Creating a Compelling IPO Roadshow Presentation

By Moira Conlon for CFO Magazine: “When you are competing for capital in a traditional IPO or a SPAC-related PIPE transaction, you only have one chance to make a first impression. The stakes are high and hanging in the balance is access to the capital you need to scale your company and accelerate your industry leadership. Are you ready to deliver a game-changing presentation?”

Banks – Q2 2021 Earnings Season Themes

Loan growth: Management teams have consistently indicated an expectation for stronger loan growth in the second half of 2021. As banks report Q2 earnings, where continued modest loan growth trends are anticipated, investors and analysts will be looking for commentary on trends in loan production, pipelines and credit line utilization rates to determine if expectations for […]

Banks – Q1 2021 Earnings Season Themes

Shift from credit concerns to revenue growth: With the economy strengthening and loan deferrals down to very low levels, credit is no longer the primary concern of investors and analysts. Attention is now shifting to identifying which banks are best positioned to drive revenue growth in the current environment. Investors are eager to hear from bankers […]

Banks – Q4 2020 Earnings Season Themes

We are closely monitoring the latest trends in bank communications practices that keep investors and analysts informed. To that end, the following are key themes for Q4 earnings communications. 2021 Outlooks – Bank stocks rallied in Q4 2020, with the BKX and KRX indices increasing 34% and 48%, respectively compared to a 12% rise in the […]

CFO Magazine: SPACs Require Best-in-Class Communications From the Get-Go

By Moira Conlon for CFO Magazine. “The SPAC structure is unique. From a communications perspective, there are important nuances companies should consider. In our experience, establishing a strong investor relations foundation and leveraging best-in-class investor communications from the start are critical competitive advantages for companies entering the public market through SPAC transactions.”


Pandemic – Though state economies reopened over the summer, new coronavirus outbreaks are impacting economic recoveries in states across the country. This could mean an uneven pace of economic improvement in the fourth quarter and early in 2021. Analysts expect this to weigh on loan growth, curb revenue and cut into bottom lines after expected […]

CFO Magazine: Your Company Survived 2020; It’s Time to Tell the Story

By Moira Conlon for CFO Magazine: “Since every crisis ends with lessons learned, innovation and reinvention, proactive companies will capitalize on this unique opportunity to step-up their year-end communications. For many, this will mean setting a new bar for their year-end reporting best practices: new depth to earnings reports, shareholder letters, and proxy statements. These documents should consider all stakeholders who want to know more about what you experienced in 2020—the strengths and the weaknesses—and what lessons you will apply to your 2021 playbook.”

Banks – Q2 ’20 Earnings Season Themes

1. Pandemic/Recession – Though state economies reopened in May and June, new coronavirus outbreaks are interrupting economic recoveries in states across the country. With great disparity existing between states – and even counties within the same state – banks should be prepared to provide commentary on the economic trends they are seeing in their specific […]