SPACs Require Best-in-Class Communications From the Get-Go

Messaging delivered in an IPO or transaction of any type sets the tone for the long term and must be carefully crafted. While SPAC transactions have long been considered a last resort way to go public, they are now thriving and represented about half of all IPO issuance so far in 2020. Today’s special-purpose acquisition […]


Pandemic – Though state economies reopened over the summer, new coronavirus outbreaks are impacting economic recoveries in states across the country. This could mean an uneven pace of economic improvement in the fourth quarter and early in 2021. Analysts expect this to weigh on loan growth, curb revenue and cut into bottom lines after expected […]

Your Company Survived 2020; It’s Time to Tell the Story

Year-end reports, shareholder letters, and proxy statements are opportunities to describe what your company experienced in 2020. Year-end reporting has always been a critical time for companies to step back and assess their achievements and shortfalls, evaluate how those results compared to the prior year and set the stage for the future. Since every crisis […]

COVID-19: Investor Communications During Q2 Earnings Season and Beyond

In the four-month period since COVID-19 was recognized as a global pandemic, we have seen an extensive impact on both the capital markets and public companies. As highlighted in COVID Impact – By the Numbers: The stock market has experienced unprecedented volatility. Companies have been shoring up balance sheets, driving YTD debt issuance to $1 […]

Banks – Q2 ’20 Earnings Season Themes

1. Pandemic/Recession – Though state economies reopened in May and June, new coronavirus outbreaks are interrupting economic recoveries in states across the country. With great disparity existing between states – and even counties within the same state – banks should be prepared to provide commentary on the economic trends they are seeing in their specific […]

Q2 2020-The SEC and Investors Weigh in on Disclosure

The SEC Division of Corporate Finance issued supplemental disclosure guidance last week calling for high-quality financial reporting and urged public companies to thoroughly update their disclosures to give investors a clear picture of their financial health and their ability to survive the COVID-19 disruption. On June 30, SEC Chairman Jay Clayton and Corporate Finance Director […]

Investor Engagement in a COVID-19 World

With the first-quarter earnings season behind us, many of our clients are focused on investor meetings and marketing once again. To prepare for re-engagement, we are helping clients refresh their investment stories, develop investor targeting strategies that reflect the current environment and valuations, as well as dealing with the shift to virtual investor meetings. Whether […]

Practical Tips for Navigating The Q120 Earnings Season

The COVID-19 pandemic came on the heels of more than a decade of unabated economic growth. The landscape changed almost overnight and, in the face of many uncertainties, the one thing we know for sure is that the Q1 2020 earnings season will be anything but business as usual. Over the past several weeks, investors […]

How banks should prepare for first- quarter earnings in light of Covid-19

by Matthew Keating and Tony Rossi Earnings season presents historic challenge for financial institutions Given the rapid acceleration of the Covid-19 pandemic, the first-quarter 2020 reporting season will be the most challenging period for banks since the Great Recession. Management teams will likely face many questions they have never been asked before as the investment […]

Investor Communication in the Face of COVID-19

Practical steps companies can take to remain engaged with investors and analysts With financial markets in free fall amid the ongoing coronavirus crisis, companies are increasingly barraged with one-off calls from analysts and investors seeking information that can be difficult to provide within the confines of Regulation FD. At the same time, as this is […]