Take Control of Your Meeting Schedule

One strategy we have always employed in our investor targeting programs is asserting some control over non-deal roadshow schedules. When a client agrees to do a roadshow with one of its covering analysts, we provide a list of institutions in that particular city that we would like the sales force to try to get on the schedule. This helps us get our clients in front of the institutions that we have identified as “ideal shareholders” – usually firms that tend to be longer-term, supportive shareholders.

When doing this, we have always wondered if there is any secret resentment on the part of the analysts or institutional sales forces that we are working with on these roadshows. After all, every spot on the schedule taken up by one of our “targeted institutions” is one less spot for a preferred client of theirs.

We recently had a conversation with an institutional salesman at a bulge bracket firm and took the opportunity to ask him point blank, “Do you have a problem when companies give you a list of firms they would like to see on the schedule?”

His response: “Absolutely not. We are happy to do that. We are just happy to get some of their marketing time and if they have particular firms that they want to see, that’s fine with us.”

This was great to hear. We love to build collaborative, mutually beneficial relationships with the firms that cover our clients and it’s good to know that they welcome getting input on roadshow schedules.